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Root Canals

Lapalco Family Dental : Root Canal in Marrero, LA

Root canals are performed to treat dental pulp infection. The dental pulp is a small bundle of soft tissues, blood vessels and nerves in the center of each tooth. Trauma, disease or infection can cause decay or death of the dental pulp. To prevent infection from spreading, Dr. CJ Landry will remove bacteria and decay, sanitize the area, and seal off the space with filling material. While root canals can be frightening they are often necessary to save a damaged tooth from extraction. We also make sure to anesthetize the area, root canal procedure completely painless. Sedation is also available if you’re still nervous. We want to make sure you’re completely at ease, and know that root canals aren’t nearly as frightening as you may have heard!


Do You Need a Root Canal?

An infected dental pulp may show no symptoms, but your root canal specialist can detect infection with X-rays. Usually, however, dental pulp infection is accompanied by severe pain that goes away and returns, root canal pain when chewing, chronic bad breath, tooth discoloration, and persistent tooth sensitivity. Sometimes, a dental abscess (pus-filled bubble) forms near the area.

An infected pulp must be treated right away to avoid complications and damage to surrounding teeth. If the tooth is salvageable, Dr. Landry will recommend a root canal. Otherwise, tooth extraction and replacement are necessary.


The Root Canal Procedure

Root canals are one of the most commonly performed procedures in dental clinics. After confirming the infection with X-rays and tests, Dr. Landry will isolate the tooth with a dam and clean the area. Next, your dentist will make a hole in the tooth to remove decay and the infected pulp. The space and the root canals are cleaned, sanitized and filled with a rubbery material to prevent re-infection. Your dentist will then take tooth impressions to help design the permanent crown that will rebuild the tooth. On your next visit, the crown is placed and adjusted.

If you believe you are in need of a root canal in Marrero, LA, call our office today at 504-264-6461 or schedule an appointment using our online form.

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