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Implant Retained Dentures

Lapalco Family Dental : Implant Retained Dentures in Marrero, LA

Dentures remain popular as a teeth replacement option because they are relatively inexpensive and do not require lengthy treatment. Modern denture also look like real teeth and fit more comfortably. However, removable dentures are not very stable or secure, and they may come off when you chew, laugh, or speak. Removable denture may also need to be relined or adjusted as your mouth changes over time.

If you want the freedom to eat whatever you want and smile and speak with confidence, consider implant dentures from your Marrero, LA dentist. Dr. Landry is an experienced implant specialist who places implant dentures in-house.

There are two different types of dentures that can be done. You can have an implant supported denture or implants for dentures where we place implants and then the denture attaches to that yet they’re still removable. The other type of denture is without implants. It’s less stable but it’s still aesthetic and replaces all of your teeth.

I love nothing better than to have a patient that comes in and has had a denture made someplace else, they’re uncomfortable, they don’t fit and they don’t look good. We can transform that patient and give them a beautiful smile that they’re comfortable and happy with. And if they decide to go with implants to help stabilize the denture, it’s a whole new world for them as far as smiling, laughing, singing, eating, self esteem – it all comes back when your denture is very stable.

What are Implant Dentures?

Implant dentures are fixed dentures supported by dental implants. About four or six dental implants can be used to stabilize a complete upper or lower denture. The dental implants act like columns or foundations that hold up the “roof” (the dentures). Your dentist surgically embeds the dental implants into the gums, and allows the soft tissues to heal. The denture is then attached to the implants.

Because the implants are fixed in the gums, the over denture is more stable than dentures that merely sit on top of the gums. Implant retained dentures are great for people with poor jawbone quality that prevents them from having individual implants placed.

The Procedure

When somebody loses a single tooth, we can go back in and place an implant into the area that the tooth was extracted from and put a single crown or a cap on top of that. So, say it’s your front tooth. You don’t have to walk around missing a front tooth anymore. You don’t have to have a removable appliance.

Implants in a denture situation – lower dentures just historically don’t stay in well. What we do is, we place between two and five implants on the lower ridge, and we can give you a denture that’s stable, it doesn’t rock, it’s retained, and you can still take it out at night so you can keep it clean – but it’s like having teeth again, your confidence is back, your self esteem is back, and you can eat without having to worry about what you’re eating.

During the consultation, Dr. Landry will examine your mouth and jaw thoroughly to determine if you are a good candidate for this procedure. Restorative work may be performed first (treatment for gum disease, decay, damage) before the implants can be placed. If you are getting complete denture, Dr. Landry will remove any remaining teeth. Your dentist will also take impressions to design the permanent denture.

Learn more about implant retained dentures in Marrero, LA and their benefits by calling us today at 504-264-6461 or scheduling an appointment using our online form.

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