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Dental Crowns & Bridges

At Lapalco Family Dental, we offer beautiful dental bridges and dental crowns in Marrero, LA to restore damaged or missing teeth.

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are restorations that are used to cover severely damaged teeth. They are also used to protect tooth after endodontic therapy or root canal, change teeth shape or appearance and replace failing or worn restorations. Dr. Landry may recommend dental crown for broken, decayed or lost teeth. Weak teeth that can no longer support fillings, as well as onlays and inlays may also be restored with a dental crowns procedure.

The wonderful thing about CEREC is we can place the dental crowns the same day we prepare it. So instead of having a temporary, you walk out of here confident that your tooth is not going to fall out, and you don’t have to come back and be re-anesthetized to place the crown later on.

It’s marvelous, we can actually do dental bridges now with CEREC, we can do onlays so if you fracture a tooth you don’t have to worry about what’s going to happen over the weekend. You come in, we fix it right there and you’re good to go.

CEREC Same Day Restorations

Dental Crowns from your dentist in Marrero, Louisiana are precision-designed, carefully color matched and crafted to look like your natural teeth. Traditional crowns and bridges may take several weeks for a dental laboratory to create. If you don’t have time for repeat appointments or want to complete your dental work in one visit, ask Dr. Landry about CEREC.

CEREC is the cutting edge system that combines computer-aided design and milling. To create your same-day restoration dentistry, your dentist scans your teeth. The digital images are used by CEREC computer-aided design to create a model of the restoration. The design is then sent to the milling device that will carve the restoration out of a block of ceramic.

Scanning, designing, carving and polishing can be done in one day! You can come in the morning and leave the dental office with your stunning new teeth.

Dental Bridges

If you have lost a tooth for any reason, you know the difficulties that come with it. From trouble eating to insecurities about your smile, missing a tooth can be difficult. Dr. CJ Landry is well equipped to get you a smile you love with a bridge!

What is a dental bridge? A bridge is a dental restoration consisting of two crowns attached to a completely synthetic tooth. The two teeth on either side of the missing tooth are cleaned, prepped, and covered with the crowns, leaving you with a completely artificial tooth!

When you come to Lapalco Family Dental for a bridge, we’ll start by preparing your abutment teeth (the teeth that will be crowned) and then taking an impression of your mouth. The impression is sent to a dental lab, where they use the impression to custom make your bridge. In approximately two weeks, we’ll receive your bridge, and we’ll attach it at a second appointment. Then you’re free to enjoy your new smile!

Learn more about dental bridges and dental crowns in Marrero, LA or same day restorations today! Please call our Marrero, LA dental office at 504-264-6461 or send us a message online.

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