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Short Term Braces

Lapalco Family Dental : Short Term Braces in Marrero, LA

We provide what I call cosmetic orthodontics. We’re basically looking for people that they’re unhappy with the front of their smile. They chew adequately, they have no headaches, but they just have that one or two teeth in the front that they’re unhappy with.

We do several different procedures. We can do clear-correct which is a type of clear aligner that you wear at night and that’ll help correct. We also do six month smiles and that’s where you wear brackets. Takes us about six to eight months typically to get everything straightened out. Less expensive than full orthodontics and much less time. You know sometimes in orthodontics you’re talking four to five years in braces. We’re talking six to eight months in braces. Wonderful results, everybody has been happy with it, can’t say enough about it.

Dreaming of straight, even teeth but hate the thought of wearing metal braces for years? Marrero, LA dentist Dr. Landry has the answer: ClearCorrect and Six Month Smiles short term braces orthodontic systems. ClearCorrect allows you to straighten your teeth in secret using transparent mouthpieces instead of braces, while Six Month Smiles gives you straight teeth in as little as six months.


The ClearCorrect teeth straightening system features clear, almost invisible aligners. The aligners are also removable so you can eat whatever you want and brush and floss easily. You can even remove the aligners for special events or when you want to look your best. Because ClearCorrect aligners are made of super comfortable plastic, there is less gum irritation. ClearCorrect is perfect for older teenagers, college students, working professionals, parents and anyone who wants a discreet way to straighten their teeth.

During your appointment, Dr. Landry will scan your mouth and take photos and impressions of your teeth. The images are sent to ClearCorrect company that creates a 3D model of your current teeth and teeth after treatment, including the stages in between. ClearCorrect will use the models to create a series of custom plastic aligners that are ready to be worn in a few days.

Six Month Smiles

Six Month Smiles is an accelerated, short-term orthodontic treatment. The Six Month Smiles system combines the effectiveness of metal braces with the cosmetic advantages of clear braces. Six Month Smiles feature Lucid-Lok® brackets that are almost invisible and tooth-colored wires that blend in with your teeth.

Unlike traditional metal braces, the Six Month Smiles (Short term braces ) appliance uses gentle forces to reposition teeth that show when you smile. Because force is targeted to a specific area, alignment is much faster. Although treatment time depends on the condition of your teeth, many patients see results in as little as six months! Short term treatment time means better compliance and less discomfort. Six Month Smiles is also typically more affordable than traditional braces, aligners and veneers.

To find out if Short Term Braces in Marrero, LA or which teeth straightening method is right for you, visit Lapalco Family Dental today. Call 504-264-6461 or use our online form to make an appointment at our Marrero office for Short Term Braces.

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