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CEREC One Day Crowns

Lapalco Family Dental : CEREC One-Day Crowns in Marrero, LA

Crowns are full-coverage caps that are tooth-colored. These versatile restorations are used to repair severely damaged teeth, protect a weak tooth, and rebuild broken teeth. Instead of extracting a decayed tooth, your dentist in Marrero, LA will clean and sanitize the area, fill the space with special material, and protect the remaining structure with a crown.

Traditional crowns require precision design and careful color matching to resemble a natural-looking tooth. This is why it may take several weeks for the dental laboratory to create the restoration. If you don’t have time for repeat dental appointments or simply want to get your dental work completed in one visit, Dr. Landry has the answer: CEREC one-day crowns.

What is CEREC?

The wonderful thing about CEREC is we can place the crown the same day we prepare it. So instead of having a temporary, you walk out of here confident that your tooth is not going to fall out, and you don’t have to come back and be re-anesthetized to place the crown later on. It’s marvelous, we can actually do bridges now with Ceramic Reconstruction, we can do onlays so if you fracture a tooth you don’t have to worry about what’s going to happen over the weekend. You come in, we fix it right there and you’re good to go.

The cutting-edge CEREC (Ceramic Reconstruction) system combines computer-aided design with a milling machine. Your dentist scans your teeth and sends the 3D images to the CEREC computer. The images are used to create a model of the crown or restoration, which is sent to the milling device. The device “reads” the instructions, and carves the crown out of a block of ceramic. Everything from scanning to polishing is done in ONE day. You can come in the morning for your appointment, and leave a few hours later with brand new, beautiful teeth.

The Benefits of CEREC Restorations

Besides the time savings, CEREC restorations are better than traditional crowns in many ways. No need to wear temporary crowns that may leak or damage the treated tooth (this is rare, but it happens). The quality of Ceramic Reconstruction restorations is also comparable to traditionally-made crowns, veneers, and fillings. CEREC one-day crowns fit perfectly and look just like real teeth.

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