5421-H Lapalco Blvd,
Marrero, LA 70072
5421-H Lapalco Blvd.
Marrero, LA 70072
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Lapalco Family Dental combines modern technology with old fashioned service. Our dental office in Marrero, LA is the setting for the advanced procedures and amazing smile transformations we perform every day.

We provide stunning implants and implant retained dentures, cosmetic short term braces, CEREC one day crowns, and other restorative and cosmetic dental treatments.

Modern dentistry allows us to place fillings, shape, adjust, refine, and then cure them with a plasma arc light in about 3 seconds. We use digital X-rays that we can read immediately as opposed to having to wait 8-10 minutes for results of traditional X-rays. Our cone beam scanner gives us a three dimensional view of the area we need to see to help us evaluate the bone before an implant, or show us exactly where a wisdom tooth is or if there is any unseen obstacles to consider in your treatment.

Our practice uses modern techniques and the best materials to reverse the effects of trauma, disease, time, and poor oral hygiene. Visit our Marrero, Louisiana dental office today! Please call 504-264-6461 or make an appointment using our online form.

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